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User Experience Design accelerated Course

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I was part of the Instructional Team on the User Experience Design Accelerated Course at General Assembly. It was an opportunity to combine my experience of teaching with my UX practice. The course was fast-paced and consisted of professionals; my role involved assisting the Lead Instructor with course material, supporting students with the progress of their projects, explaining UX concepts and providing feedback on their work and final presentations.

This experience has strengthened my UX knowledge, developed my skills to facilitate workshops and increased my confidence in explaining UX processes and practices to professionals. 

"The teaching staff were excellent. It's an incredibly full on course but I felt supported. I am so grateful for Anjali being there. She's really great at talking us back from the edge." - Racheal Digby-Morgan, Service Designer and Product Development Consultant.


"Anjali was really approachable and knowing that she'd completed a course with GA gave me extra confidence that she could help with any queries." - Darren Soulsby, Senior Designer at The Telegraph Media Group.