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STEMettes + Schroders Hackathon


STEMettes + Schroders Hackathon


A room full  of girls designed and coded amazing apps from age 5-16 years! As a mentor I assisted a group of three aged 5, 6 and 7 years old to create an App to help people save. Through paper prototyping and working in AppShed they created a a coded prototype which they presented to a room full or participants and judges! 

"We had 59 girls (& a few boys) coding with us over the 2 days. They gave it all 8.82 out of 10! 97% expressed improved STEM confidence. 95% had an improved perception of STEM. 92% had increased awareness of STEM options and 84% had an increased STEM network. 95% improved ability to carry out project work, 95% want to do coding in the future (8% hadn’t done any before, 33% had already done lots). 97% would like to come to a Stemettes event again." Schroders App Hack: Easter Edition