UX Designer



About me

A designer by trade, I decided to combine my discipline of print design with future-forward innovation. UX Design is a perfect fit, allowing me to focus my design expertises on producing interactive and innovative digital products, with a user-centred approach.

I am excited to develop digital experiences that are pleasurable for the user, by applying my skills of exploration, empathy and creativity throughout the design process.

I realised I wanted to gain a understanding of the need for the consumers I was designing for, this led me to the UX Design immersive course at General Assembly. The course provided a space for me to enhance my design skills through individual and group projects, through user research and ideation.

I look forward to using the UX process to build upon this foundation and dedicate my career to creating innovative, user-centred designs alongside a multi-disciplinary team.

Feel free to drop me a message!

CV is available upon request.

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